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This ministry was first organized in the Spring of 1991.  We operated as Christian Concourse under the kind auspices of Churchland Christian Fellowship, pastored by Rev. Edward Strange, until 1993. In the Spring of that year we incorporated in the State of Virginia under the name of Chapter & Verse as a non-profit corporation and filed with the Internal Revenue Service as a "501-C-3" tax-exempt organization. We changed our name back to Christian Concourse on January 1, 2004 because this name better describes our purpose. 


Our support for Christian Concourse Ministry comes primarily from individual donors. Financial statements are available in our Table of Contents.


Our Articles of Incorporation specifically state that "this Corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose of ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in the inspired Word of God, and to facilitate the unity of His Church."



Our organizational name has a lot to say on the subject of what we are all about:   


Christian: "Christians are those who love and trust the person and the work of Jesus Christ.

Concourse: "a moving, flowing or running together; a working together" (Webster's)

Ministries:  "services, aids, instrumentalities"  (Webster's)  

Thus, Christian Concourse Ministries is:  "Christian believers working together in service to others."  

In the name of Jesus Christ, this ministry is dedicated to God for the development of practical tools with which we may harmoniously enhance our relationships and our service within the greater interdenominational Church. We seek to follow our Lord in each step of our progress. In prayer and consultation with other Christians, we have established an organization that is flexible yet faithfully focused on our dual goal of promoting The Good News of Jesus Christ and Christian Unity among believers.

To that end, our labor encompasses activities in three distinct areas:

Nursing Home Ministries
Christian Publications
Small-group Bible Studies  


Nursing Home Ministries:


The long-term care facility arena is a perennial opportunity for Christian service in nursing home ministry.  We conduct "church services" in several care centers each month, and we have been instrumental in helping many others start their own LTC Christian mission. The ministry collects and distributes "care packages" for nursing homes year 'round.  We also publish materials that aid the Christian volunteer and church groups doing long-term care outreach.  These materials are in every English-speaking nation in the world, plus Israel, Italy and Equador!

Concerning the nursing home ministry resources on this site:  Everything we do related to LTC ministry is for the benefit of the residents, no matter the setting, be it in-home or institutional care.  For this reason, we absolutely do not sell anything related to LTC ministry.  As the Lord provides, we make our publications and resources available to the staff and volunteers working in long-term care settings at no cost to them.  If you request materials or download resources we are, in good faith, asking you to bless the residents with them freely.  In effect, we are asking you to help us distribute these ministry aids to the residents whom you serve.  Click here for more on LTC ministry and to access our materials.


Christian Publications:


The Journal For Jesus' Sheep:  The publication of "The Journal" answers our burden to offer Christian writers the opportunity to share their work.  We minister to them by providing the opportunity to be in print and, in turn, they minister to the Christian community that reads them - both without fees or subscription costs.  We know of no other publication of its kind.  The criteria for consideration of an article is that it should magnify Jesus Christ or encourage others in their faith in Him.

Christian Poetry:  We are looking for original Christian poetry to publish on this website and in other occasional publications.  We do not charge the authors or the readers for this service.  For more info on our poetry, click here.


Small-Group Bible Studies


Our inductive Bible study format, Chapter & Verse, has been developed especially for interaction with a small-group. The type of study we have designed does not impose on someone what we think they should believe the Bible means. Rather, we guide the serious Biblical student toward discovering for themselves what God meant when He recorded it.

That The World May Know:  We also present the Focus On The Family video series, "That The World May Know." This suite of seven volumes, with several lessons each, is a Biblical teaching tool for the spiritual growth of believers, using the historical, cultural and archeological settings of Ancient Israel.  The professor, Dr. Ray Van Der Laan, guides you on this exiciting teaching tour which is actually filmed on location in the Holy Land.   The video series is an engaging aid for challenging Christians to apply their faith in practical ways to everyday life.  It works great in small groups within local churches and we have found it to be very popular in long-term care centers.

The Good News:  Under the general heading of Bible Study, we include a module on this website called "Good News" because the first half of our dual purpose is to share the Gospel (the Good News) of Jesus Christ.  The Creator of the Universe has made a provision for every living human being to enjoy a dynamic, on-going, conversational, loving relationship with Him.  The Father appropriated this gift for mankind through the redemptive work of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ bequeaths this great gift, upon all who will believe, by the indwelling of the person of the Holy Spirit.  For more Good News, click here. 

Unity in the Body of Christ:  The "Body of Christ" is a Biblical concept that depicts the reality that we are each members of the same Body...many members, one Body.  You must be born into this Body by the grace of God through faith in the person and the work of Jesus Christ and the operation of the Holy Spirit in your innermost being.  Given this wonderful, miraculous experience in your life, you become spiritually kin to everyone else who has had this "new birth."  Jesus Christ prayed that we would be "one" even as He and the Father are "One."  Promoting this Biblical concept is the second half of the dual purpose for Christian Concourse.  Click here for more on unity in the Body of Christ.

Prayer:  Because of the vital, indispensible role that prayer plays in the life of the individual believer and in the health of any corporate Christian body of believers, we include on this site a module dedicated specially to prayer.  In this part of our website you will find, among other things, our video series, "With Christ in the School of Prayer" by Andrew Murray.  This is a reading of an updated version of the 1895 original book, done exclusively for Christian Concourse by our founder and director, Jerry Johnson.  For more on prayer click here.



All of our ministry is provided without cost.  We are supported solely by freewill offerings.  Please help us if you can!


As you can readily see, each of these areas of endeavor incorporate tools that bring Christians together in meaningful activities. We strongly believe that in God's eyes, though there are many assembles, there is only one Church in each locality. And we are equally convicted that our Heavenly Father wants us to act like it!  It is our prayer that these efforts will, in a great way, effect that reality.

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson
Director of Ministry
Assistant to the Director


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