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A Call to Christian Pastors to Pray together

Dear Friends in Christ:


Greetings!  This is Jerry Johnson.  And this is a call for Christian pastors to pray with other Christian pastors in their neighborhood. 


Allow me to bring you up to date on exciting developments in the effort to facilitate and promote harmony and one accord among Christians in our region.  A very important event took place a few years ago at a Hampton Roads United Christians board meeting.  We took a count and it was reckoned that the individuals around the table at that meeting represented well over eighty-two combined years of concerted effort to bring the Body of Christ in Hampton Roads together in visible oneness in corporate prayer and ministry.  Leaning on this wealth of experience, two important concepts became most evident to the members of the HRUC Board:


1) Any regional or city-wide initiatives are best served by the foundation of a strong and inclusive network of interdenominational, inter-racial Christian pastors' prayer groups meeting together in their respective local neighborhoods. 


2) Only a gathering of Christian ministers representative of that great network of groups (which are yet to be formed and functioning) can best decide the will of Jesus Christ for the city or the region in terms of activities, initiatives, organization, leadership, etc. 


Therefore, the members of the Board of HRUC (by unanimous vote), felt strongly that the Lord's purposes are best served if we continue to promote autonomous pastors' prayer groups (PPG's) based on geographic neighborhoods.  To that end, being the chairman of HRUC'S Prayer Committee at the time, the Board of HRUC gave me charge to initiate, promote and facilitate as many independent, local neighborhood pastors' prayer meetings as possible throughout S. Hampton Roads.  I did so, and continue to do so, to the best of my ability, as the Lord brings pastors across my path, keeping the process as simple as possible (KISS - Keep It Simple Saints!). 


I am sure all will rejoice with me that I can report that this concept was met with overwhelming enthusiasm among some leaders in local ministries.  God moved on ministers' hearts and groups formed, almost spontaneously, in a few areas. 


As we all know, the idea of pastors praying together is no new concept.  Groups have been meeting for many years.  There just seemed to be a new and vigorous reception to the call.  It was evident that the Holy Spirit was at work, building something none of us could then, nor can even now clearly see!


Another very important development in the ministry of HRUC was a shift in paradigm for the monthly HRUC prayer meeting.  We felt the Lord was leading us to primarily focus this time of corporate prayer on the Call of God for health and demonstrated oneness in the Body of Christ and, as the Holy Spirit led, for salvation and well-being in the respective cities in our region.  The invitation was for pastors, ministry leaders and their representatives to come, while we specifically requested the attendance of Christian ministers and lay leaders who had a burden to pray for unity.  It was our deepest desire that those whom the Lord had called to labor for Christian accord in The Church would be greatly strengthened and encouraged by the power of dedicated prayer and intercession for their cause.


Then, in the year 2002, Hampton Roads United Christians passed the baton for leadership in the region to HEART of Compassion Partnerships.  The mission for "HOCP" is specifically focused on strategic partnerships and compassion-based ministries in Hampton Roads.


God is still moving!  Let us join together in community prayer and ministry for the King and for the sake of the lost souls locked up in quiet desperation in the homes around our ministries.  If you get a prayer group going or if you have one now, I'd be honored if you would let me know so we could communicate.


Also, until 2002, HRUC was responsible for several annual Pastor Prayer Summits.  We worked with International Renewal Ministries to implement their vision for giving God ground to vitalize and unify His Church in Hampton Roads through extended times (four days) dedicated to group and individual  prayer, intercession and worship.   The Summits have stopped for lack of participation.  For whatever reason pastors choose not to attend these wonderful times of spiritual renewal and prayer and fellowship.  The obvious, good merits of being away for four days dedicated to seeking God and strengthening relationships among fellow leaders in the Christian community remain.  It is our prayer that such a well grounded and established function as the IRM Prayer Summit will be reinstated in the Hampton Roads Region.  All in God's time!


"Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has in store for them that love Him!"


I love you in Christ,


Gerald T. Johnson
Director of Ministry
Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.
"Dedicated to Promote Christian Accord"
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