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A Handbook for Nursing Home (LTC) Ministry - 5th Edition

Table of Contents

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The Call to the Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 1

The Ministry of Christian Concourse. . . . . .Section 2

Our Mission

Our Outreach

Care Facility Ministries

Original Christian Poetry and Testimonies

Small-group Bible Study and Prayer

"Chapter & Verse"

"That the World May Know"

 Prayer Meetings

The Leadership of Christian Concourse

Our Support

About This Handbook. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 3

The Purpose of This Handbook

The Scope of This Handbook

Geographic Area

The Interdenominational Christian Community

The Cold Within

"Care Facilities"

Long-Term In-Home Care

The Volunteer Needs of Care Facility Residents

Copyright Information About This Handbook

How to Use This Handbook


Profile of the Care Facility Industry. . . . .Section 4


Factors In Care Facility Population

Types of Facilities


Rights of a Nursing Home Resident. . . . .Section 5


Family Members Note

Ombudsmen: Who They Are and How They Can Help

Prevention of Abuse in Care Facilities

Indicators of Abuse in a Care Facility

Reasons a Resident May Not Mention Their Abuse

Warning Signs From the Resident

Warning Signs From the Abuser

Some Reasons Abuse May Occur in a Facility

Preventative Measures for Family Members

Preventative Measures for the Staff


Profile of the Care Facility Population. . . .Section 6


Physical Illness

Alcohol Abuse



High Blood Pressure

Hyperthermia: A Hot Weather Hazard

Osteoporosis: The Bone Thinner

Prostate Problems


Mental Illness

Alzheimer's Disease

Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Early Signs

Later Signs

Alzheimer-like Diseases

Multi-infarct Dementia (MID)

Pick's Disease (PD)

Huntington's Disease (HD)

Parkinson's Disease (PD)

Diffuse Lewy Body Disease

The Alzheimer's Patient and Their Caregiver


The Changes That Come With Age

Changes in the Senses

Changes in Memory

Changes in Personality

Changes in Intelligence

Changes in Wisdom


Race and Culture

"Sin of the Skin"


The Spirituality of Seniors


The Christian Attitude

The Residents' Spiritual Needs

Religious Orientations

Definition of Religion

Major Religions of the World

Religion in the United States of America

Denominations - What difference Does it Make?

Four of the major questions of religion that Christianity answers

What about the "other" religions showing up in our neighborhood?

A Little History of the Christian Church

The Orbits of Current Christianity

The move toward relational and functional unity in Christianity

Pure Religion - Merging ministry and religion for the residents

Accentuating the Central Theme of Christianity - Jesus Christ

A Prayer for the Vulnerable and Their Caregivers


Activity Professionals . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 7

The Activity Director

The Volunteer and the Activity Director

 Activity Professionals' Associations




From the Desk of the Administrator


Profile of a Volunteer . . . . . . . . . . . .Section 8

Physical Abilities

Social Abilities

Taking Orders

A Condition of the Heart

The Forgotten


How to Volunteer in a Local Care Facility. . . . . .Section 9

Step One - Read God's Word

Scriptural Meditations on Ministry to the Elderly

Step Two - Pray

Step Three - Do the Questionnaire

Care Facility Volunteer Questionnaire

Step Four - Choose a Facility

Step Five - Go to Your Pastor

Pastor's Recommendation Form

Step Six - Go to the Facility

Facility Applications

Step Seven - Begin Your Ministry

Special Skills

Hints for the Volunteer

When You Meet a Person with a Disability

Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment

When You Meet a Person Who Uses a Wheelchair

Mental Impairment - Dementia

Behaviors Associated With Dementia






Refusal to bathe

Sundowner's Syndrome

Repeat actions

Inventing new words

Using curse words

Language disturbances

Guidelines for Care Facility Visitation

A Nursing Home Minister's Prayer


Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 10

Care Package Program

Horticulture Therapy

Pet Therapy

Caregiving One-On-One

Tips On Visiting Friends and Relatives

Who Should Visit?

Planning for the Visit

The Visit

A Note on Visiting a Comatose Resident

Visits Outside the Nursing Home

Ideas for One-On-One Activities with Residents

"Church Services"

Our Goal

Setting Up

Opening the Service

The Song Service




Sermonette Sample One: "God Strengthens!"

Sermonette Sample Two: "How Much Rat Poison Is Too Much?"

Sermonette Sample Three: "The Power of Love"

A Word About Bible Translations

Memorial Services

How to Do a Memorial Service

Memorial Service Invocation Prayer

Memorial Service Benediction Prayer

Sample Notice To Staff and Residents for Memorial Service

Sample Letter to Friends and Family for Memorial Service

Memorial Service Programs

Volunteer Chaplaincy Program


Chaplain's Pastoral Visitation

Hospital Visitation

Family Bereavement Support And Funeral Services

Bereavement Support for Facility Residents and Staff

Chaplain's Information Form


Church Shut-In Visitation Program

Visitation Committee - Leader's Worksheet

Regular Visitation Recipient

Visitation Report Slip

Individual Visitation Record


Games and Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 11

Games and Activities List

Ideas for Games and Activities

Ted Baehr's Top 20 Movies of the Last Century

Some "Thinking" Games

Do You Remember?

"Memory Jogger" Game

Do's and Don't's

"Complete the Sentence" Game

"Name That Hymn"

Show Me

"Complete the Verse"

For More


Poems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 12

I'm Fine, Thank You!

Little Ones of the Master

A Dear Old Dame

A Young Girl Still Dwells

You Say I Have No Choices?

The Morning is Still Dawning Now


I'm a Senior Citizen

Prescription For A Laugh

A Chaplain's Thought - "Yes Lord"

Unfolding a Rose

Old Grandma Shoes

Latest Update On Mom's Will


How Can I Sing?

Four In The Fire

A Bit Of "Sonshine"

The Trail's Not Home

How Do You Tell A Gramma When You See One?

The Parent Becomes The Child

Bloom Where You're Planted

Watch The Signs, Stay In Your Lane!


Tools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 13

Talk Board

Five-week Master Calendar

Consent To Photograph, Video, or Record Form

Care Facility Questionnaire

Our Hymn Book

Christian Christmas Carols



Reference Resources. . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 14


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A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry - Fifth Edition
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