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Special note!  We are in the initial stages of a complete rewrite of this website.  Everything will be reviewed, renewed, revised, rewritten or retired!  We would really appreciate your prayers if the Lord brings us to your mind in the coming weeks (and probably, months).  This change has been precipitated by our organizational decision to redirect and focus all of our resources and ministry efforts on to the nursing home ministry arena and especially on the further development of Nursing Home Ministry Resources.  Thanks so much.  In the mean time, help yourself to our old site...and stay tuned! 

Blessings, Jerry, Dar and the Board of Directors of Christian Concourse.


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The Nursing Home Ministry of Christian concourse


The long-term care missionary work of Christian Concourse began in the Spring of 1991 as an effort to respond to the need for a unified, interdenominational approach to meeting the volunteer needs of Hampton Roads' long-term care facilities.  [What is long-term care?]  In fact, this goal of harmonious cooperation between churches is inter-woven in the pursuit of all our activities.


Within the boundries that our time and financial support allow, all of our activities and resources in nursing home ministry are provided without charge.  Actively cooperating with care center staff professionals, the leadership of local congregations and individual Christian volunteers, we work toward providing Christian volunteer needs and nursing home ministry materials for care facilities in the Hampton Roads area and throughout the world.


As a practical expression of this vision, we are involved in the following activities: We provide a liaison between the Christian community and care facility staff. To that end, our director, Jerry Johnson and his wife, Dar, participate with the Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association. Over the years we have had the privilege of coordinating many various volunteer activities, Christian entertainment, and Care Package programs in local facilities. A list of the types of things we have scheduled and/or participated in includes pet therapy, horticultural therapy, choreographed youth singing groups, one-on-ones, transportation for residents, chaperones for field trips, fund raisers for medical research for the elderly, and distribution of large print Scriptures and magazines. We have assisted needy residents in obtaining resources for medical attention and participated in equipping a chapel in a nursing home.


Rev. and Mrs. Johnson conduct monthly "church services" in several nursing homes in South Hampton Roads. The services are designed to encourage the believers in the facility in their faith in Jesus Christ and to allow others to see Christian fellowship focused on the grace and mercy of the Gospel of our Lord. Our format is simple: accompanied by a "Kereoke" player/speaker, we sing with the residents familiar traditional and gospel hymns, often a couple poems and/or inspirational articles are read, and a short, relevant sermonette is shared from our heart. 


Through this website, and on occasion, in workshops and conventions, and through promotional presentations we seek to encourage and assist care facility volunteers within the interdenominational Christian community. We also promote the concept of developing a network among the various churches within each local community in Hampton Roads and for them to commit together to stay aware of and meet the volunteer needs in the facilities in their neighborhood.


To aid churches and facilities in their Christian ministry to care facility residents, we have written and produced A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry.  This is a comprehensive manual providing practical information, suggestions, guidelines, material and ideas for nursing home ministry.  The Handbook is available for study and for download, at no charge, on this website.


Specially developed for use in long-term care center ministries, we produce and distribute a large-print hymn book with 27 old favorites.  In fact, it is called, "Favorite Hymns of Grace."  There are instrumental and/or vocal accompaniment CDs available that go with the hymn books.  Additionally, we produce and distribute in the Fall of the year a large-print Christian Christmas Carols booklet and accompanying instrumental CD.  Again, all of our materials are available at no charge as our funds allow.


As a resource for volunteers and nursing home staff who do "church services" in care facilities, we provide on this website Worship Service Programs. These are a "church bulletin" which incorporates a poem, a responsive reading, an order-of-service, song selections and a "sermonette."  With the sermonette is a written opening prayer and a benediction.  For those doing nursing home ministry, these are available to download for free at the link above.  Also, on this site, we offer LTC Devotionals which are short sermonettes that we have used over the years in nursing home ministry.


Seeing the need to take advantage of video technology in ministry in care facilities, we produce Christian DVDs especially for ministry to the elderly and infirm.


For more information or to get involved in this exciting mission field of ministry contact us today!


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